Breaking A Binding Financial Agreement

A binding financial agreement, sometimes called a marriage contract, defines the distribution of some or all of a couple`s property in the event of a breakdown in their relationship. It can also manage the care of spouses. Marital fat must be formulated in such a way that it meets all the many legal requirements and in a way that means that it will be maintained in the future if it is challenged. If your partner has asked you to sign a binding financial agreement, you should get independent legal advice, preferably from a family law lawyer, before signing. However, it is important to keep in mind that BSOs are complex contracts and require specialized family law advice. The lawyer needs considerable expertise to ensure the effective engagement of the BFA under the Family Law Act. Whatever you do, you shouldn`t ask a lawyer to design or advise you on a BFA based on the amount they calculate. incomplete financial disclosure by one of the parties), unscrupulous conduct of one of the parties; the agreement is used to circumvent creditors; and one of the parties who failed to seek independent legal advice prior to the signing of the agreement. What constitutes "unscrupulous conduct" has been interpreted quite broadly by the court. . .


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