Chrome Enterprise Support Agreement

"TSS guidelines" refer to current policies regarding Google`s technical support services for services available on the following URL: or any other URLs that Google may provide from time to time and any updates that Google may make from time to time to those policies. When your business subscribes to a Chrome, z.B. Chrome Enterprise Upgrade, Google provides support for software issues covered by technical support policies, including: If you implement this solution to replace laptops for employees, update call center agent devices or update digital signage, kiosks or video conferencing, we`ll cover every step of your Chrome Enterprise travel. These include planning, provision and ongoing technical assistance. Access to highly secure pin support services only allows licensed and current administrators to access services on behalf of your organization. "Chrome OS Supported Hardware" refers to the Chrome OS proprietary hardware described in TSS policies, which Google supports and provides to the customer, directly or through a reseller. Chrome Enterprise offers additional deployment and management features that meet the industry`s increased control and security requirements. Chrome Enterprise is part of a Google breakthrough to recognize Chromebooks in the enterprise market. Chrome Enterprise provides the overall functionality of Chrome OS with automatic updates, multi-layered security, remote desktop, application virtualization support, preference syncing and cloud or native printing. Google has also provided additional features, while preparing to move to a segment that is typically dominated by Microsoft-based PCs and laptops. With changes to make Chromebooks more attractive to businesses, Google is opening the Play Store for at least 25 Chromebooks. This change allows netbooks to run more than three million apps running on Android-based mobile devices.

Get quick and reliable support for Chrome browsers on Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome OS - and help with Google Admin Console - online or over the phone. Are you looking for self-service support? Look at our help centre. With Zero Touch recording, IT departments can remove Chrome OS devices that automatically sign up for business management as soon as the end user connects to the Internet. Network administrators` employees receive support by phone, email and other methods directly from Google whenever they need it, regardless of the time. "Additional Product Conditions" refers to specific terms of use that correspond to the corresponding additional product, as these conditions can be found in this URL: or URL that Google may provide from time to time and any updates that Google may make from time to time to these Terms of Use.

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