Consortium Agreement Tarleton

Consider allowing 2-3 weeks until the consortium`s application is processed by the MSU Financial Aid Office after receiving the completed certification from the host institution. Step 6 - The final step is to return the completed form to the Registrar`s office at Tarleton State University, along with the Community College calendar. Incomplete forms are not accepted. You will receive a confirmation email to your email account as soon as your consent has been processed or if additional information is required. Incomplete consortium agreements are retained for 10 days and then marked as unprocessed. Student Office Financial AssistanceFinancial Aid Consortium AgrementTantleton State University and Temple CollegeThe Financial Aid Consortium Agreement between Tarleton State University and Temple College (TC) is intended to assist students enrolling at Tarleton State University or Texas A&M University - CentralTexas (TAMUCT) while enrolling in the TC during the same semester for at least 3 semester credit hours. . . .

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