Europe Basketball Academy and Antoine Allen started a project for underprivileged children

Europe Basketball Academy player and former student from South Alabama University Antoine Allen after a successful rookie professional season in BK Kolin in Czech Republic NLB league announced that he would spend a year in Spain in Barcelona and start a project for underprivileged children. Project emphasis has a lot of different directions, and some of them consider helping community build partnerships with families, schools, and volunteers to help underprivileged children reach academic and athletic success. Allen also decided to host camps and clinics in Spain, and all raised funds will be directed towards providing school supplies for underprivileged children that will be encouraged to become model citizens and stay in school. A major goal of Antoine Allen's project will be considering promoting an active recreational sports-life platform which will help youth to take charge of their future and become positive contributing members of society. The problem that Allen found relevant to solve is that children lack basic sports supplies and recreational sports programs for underprivileged kids and many children are uninspired to take activity in sports and lack the motivation to stay in school and reach higher goals.

During the project, Allen will teach kids that education and team sports can help their social attitudes towards working together for the betterment of selves and their community. Education coupled with the game of basketball promote collaboration, teamwork, and critical thinking all skills needed for 21st-century success.

In the end, Europe Basketball Academy will be a partner in this project with Antoine Allen during his staying in Spain and will cover entire living expenses for Allen in period September 2016 - April 2017.

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