How Can I Check My Visa Agreement In Qatar

While testing the framework, The Peninsula found that the duplicate business contract was verified and entered into the Framework database. Now there is an additional requirement if you are not registered at the POEA, if you have a tourist, business or family visit visa, if you have a company work visa, but you have been converted to a domestic worker visa, you have been transferred to another employer, but still in Qatar. The service recently posted the connection on its Twitter account. Workers can obtain their consent in in both Arabic and English. You can switch from Arabic to English using wrestling via the site page. Enter the applicant`s individual number or visa number. Enter the mobile phone number (the mobile phone number must be in the applicant`s name). A confirmation number is sent to the multipurpose number of the holder of the Scholarship. Enter the code you received on your mobile device and you can view or download the agreement. Individuals, businesses and government agencies can verify the status and reason for a complaint filed by a complainant and determine the final outcome online. If you are not registered with the POEA, if you do not have a tourist, business or family visa, or if you have worked in a country other than the Philippines, you must add another requirement, namely an affidavit or an affidavit explaining the circumstances of your hiring by your current employer. Government departments and agencies can apply for free visas online.

If you are in one of these categories, you must add, among other requirements, an affidavit or affidavit explaining the circumstances of your visa status or a change of employer. The Ministry of the Interior has published instructions for checking the status of your visa online. Isn`t that good news for us? It is quite easy for us to check and check the status of our visa, it eliminates the hasste and the process just to get an overview of your visa. Those who are planning to travel to Qatar and have already applied for a visa can check your visa online by visiting the website of the Ministry of interior. Here is a guide that helps you post it on the Internet. The e-contract system allows you to register your company and view its important data such as name, email, authorized persons & PRO. You can also create new contracts for your employees once you have entered the contract basic data, for example. B: Qatari visa/id number, employee`s country, employee`s address, start date of work, contract duration and probation period, base salary and allowances. A small number of people did not have access to data because the agreements were declared inaccessible. This may be due to the fact that the new contract has not been updated by the Organization or has not yet been transmitted to the Service. One of the great places that people visit in the is Qatar, it is a great country with a lot of innovations and great tourist attractions.

With our current technology, it has become easier to apply for a passport and visa, as this is now possible online. So, is your visa already valid? We wish you a good flight! After checking the status of your visa, you have the option to obtain a printed copy by clicking on "Print Visa". 2. Click on services on the site, then on the online booking dates. Then, fill out the electronic application form. Select "Contract Verification" under Resource, "Contract Verification" under Services. Next, write down your full name, phone, email, and QID (optional). For household Service Workers (HSWs), you need: Step 3: Click on the Visa Application and Print link (binoculars icon).

You can view and reprint your employees` contracts at any time or download them again. These means will facilitate the link between workers and enterprises. 4. After clicking on the shipment, you will be redirected to a document that will confirm your reservation and list the conditions of verification of the contract. Application for issuance or reactivation of the residence permit by visa number Before going to POLO, you must submit the following requirements, which depend on the type of work you do abroad. . . .

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