Ibm Agreement For The Exchange Of Confidential Information (Aeci)

The common objective of the Parties under this Agreement is to ensure the protection of confidential information while preserving the ability of each Party to carry out its respective business activities. Each party agrees that the following conditions apply when one party (discloser) transmits information to the other (recipient). This section extends the termination or expiration of this Agreement and the aforementioned confidentiality period and remains in effect until it is complied with. The recipient undertakes to: a. exercise the same diligence and discretion in order to avoid the disclosure, publication or dissemination of the broadcaster`s information that it uses with its own similar information that it does not wish to disclose, publish or disseminate; and to use the offender`s information for the purposes for which it was disclosed or for other purposes for the benefit of the applicant. (a.b.c d. This Agreement does not require either party to disclose or obtain information, perform any work or enter into licenses, commercial obligations or other agreements. Neither party may assign or transfer its rights or delegate its obligations or obligations under this Agreement without the prior written consent. Any attempt to do so is absurd.

The exchange of information under this Agreement shall not create a common relationship or authorize any of the Parties to act or speak on behalf of the other Parties. The receipt of information under this Agreement does not limit the recipient by: (1) (2) (3) (4) development, manufacture, marketing or supply of products or services to others that may be competitive with the products or services of the disc drive; the development, manufacture, marketing or supply of products or services to other persons in competition with the disc drive; the assignment of its staff in any way; or the establishment of a business relationship with another party. This Agreement, including any applicable additions, is the complete information disclosure agreement and supersedes all prior oral or written communications, assurances, undertakings, warranties, promises, assurances and obligations between Customer and IBM. In entering into this Agreement, including any additions, neither Party shall rely on any insurance not referred to in this Agreement. Additional or derogatory provisions contained in a written notification of the customer are not valid. Each Party accepts, on behalf of its company, the terms of this Agreement by signing this Agreement (or any other document containing it by reference) by hand or electronically. After signature, (i) any reproduction of this Agreement or any supplement, by reliable means (e.g.B. electronic image, photocopy or fax) has been created as an original and (ii) all disclosures of information under this Agreement shall be submitted to it. Agreed <> by _____ Any feedback (including proposals, data and/or written materials) provided by a recipient of information regarding the company`s products or services (or plans thereon) is not subject to any obligation of confidentiality under this Agreement, provided that there is no right to identify any party as the source of such feedback. Only a written agreement signed by both parties can modify this agreement. Both parties agree with the laws of the State of New York to regulate, interpret, and enforce all rights, obligations, and obligations of Customer and IBM arising out of or in any way connected with the subject matter of this Agreement, without regard to conflict of laws rules. .

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