Independent Contractor Dentist Agreement

Some common themes covered by the agreement are:> Whether it is an employee or an independent contractor> methods of evaluating your production> all deductions deducted from your salary> various types of restrictions> practices and situations that can lead to your dismissal> supplies, royalties, services and other expenses that may be generated. In case of violation of the Pension Guarantee Act, service agreements may be triggered. Term and Termination. I prefer that a dentist`s employment contract or a contract with an independent contractor be entered into at will with notice, which means that either the dentist or the practice can terminate the relationship at any time (after the expiration of the notice period) for any reason. I prefer a free relationship rather than locking both parties contractually into a relationship that doesn`t work – this only leads to unfortunate ends and disputes. The court focused on whether Dr. Moffet, a dentist, was engaged by Dental Corporation as an employee or as an independent subcontractor. Beyond compensation, the other important things you should include in your dental employment contract are benefits. While many people tend to ignore this aspect, it is one of the most important in the dental office. As an associate dentist, you must be entitled to all benefits offered to other office workers.

Since the benefits vary from practice to office, a dentist should at least receive something that inflames their motivation. The truth is that most new dentists don`t know their legal rights as workers or don`t want to challenge their employers about it. Therefore, some of the most frequent benefits that dentists should receive should include continuing education, clothing allowances, disability insurance, professional liability and health insurance, paid leave, retirement provision and paid leave, to name a few. Note that as a dental employee, you are not entitled to all benefits, but only those offered by the organization. A dental practice should always be clear and sure of how it classifies employees and contractors. The cost of misclassification is very high and it is never worth it. Please read my article Classify a dentist as an employee or contractor to learn more, including the classification factors of dental staff and contractors....

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