Sale Purchase Agreement For Bike

Once you`ve found an interested buyer of your bike and negotiated a price to get the highest possible selling price for your bike, clean it up and down. You can use soap and water, sponges and a soft brush to remove dirt or grease from the frame and tires. Remember that you want to keep water away from gears, shocks and other moving parts to avoid malfunctions on the road. You can even apply a light wax for the frame, shine for the tires, and lubricant on the line to improve the overview. If there is any major damage to the bike, it is in your best interest to take care of them before listing them. Perhaps you would even want to consider doing your bike before the sale in order to get further physical evidence of the exceptional condition of the bike when it comes to negotiating. If you wish to sell or buy a business, please use our sales contract. If you list your bike, you must provide all relevant information about the bike, for example. B year, manufacture, model, size, condition and all maintenance work performed recently. Photos of the bike can be your greatest asset, be sure to photograph it from all angles, as well as close-ups of the bike`s components. If there are any blemishes, scratches, or bumps, mark them in your images to grab the attention of each potential buyer in advance, to avoid renegotiations for surprises. There are many ways to list your bike too. Word of mouth by friends and family, making flyers mounted on black boards or repair centers in local bike shops, can be beneficial in finding buyers.

Online sources such as Craigslist, bike-ranked sites, and eBay can reach a higher volume of potential buyers, or if you`re interested in websites that make the sale for you, you can easily send your bike to serious consignment dealers like or After the oral resolution of problems (price, payment and other details), it is worth resorting to the procedure itself, that is, the legalization of the agreement. It is right to create a contract for the sale of a motorcycle for individuals, as well as a car can be in any legal entity. the company. Some states require the addition of a sales and use tax to the purchase price of the personal property sold. Be sure to indicate in your purchase and sale contract who is responsible for these taxes. The forms can be adapted according to the situation and needs.

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