Sida Framework Agreement

Find the Swedish civil society organizations with which AIDS currently has framework agreements with the right. Since funding is a public contribution to the organizations` own activities, framework organizations should fund some of the costs from their own resources. Its contribution should be seen as an expression of the Organization`s priorities and capacity to engage in development cooperation. The minimum level of own contribution is set by the government and is currently 10%. Cooperation between AIDS and its framework organizations is long-term. As part of the strategy, Sida has concluded agreements with 15 framework organisations supporting Swedish civil society organisations 2016-2022. They receive funding for their activities and carry out development work on their own initiative and responsibilities, in accordance with the guidelines set out by AIDS. The overall framework budget for 2017 amounted to about SEK 1.78 billion. Teaching at an orphan school in Uganda, supported by Save the Children, one of AIDS`s leading organizations. The services provided under the framework agreement include the management and implementation of evaluations (project and program evaluations, country-by-country thematic and country assessments, summary evaluations) and the provision of evaluation services. NIRAS manages the framework agreement and ensures that the evaluations carried out are in line with the OECD/CAD quality criteria.

NIRAS was also the leading provider of evaluation under the previous AIDS Framework Agreement on EVALUATIONs, evaluations and services of RBM. Since 2011, NIRAS has completed more than 190 evaluation missions and 160 short-term results-based management consulting missions and ensured quality. Most of these assessments and advisory services were provided for Swedish embassies and embassies. The following two agreements are valid for a period of 24 months with the possibility of a four-year extension: since April 2016, NIRAS has been tasked with carrying out eight assessments for AIDS and Swedish embassies under the framework agreement, such as.B.: Learn more about AIDS`s support for Swedish organisations through framework agreements. Results-Based Management (RBM), 2016-2020 NCG Group, led by NCG Sweden and in a consortium with INTRAC, was awarded a framework agreement on earnings management consulting services (RBM) in May 2016, which will extend over a period of up to four years. The main objective of this framework agreement is to strengthen the capacity of AIDS partners in the implementation of MRBM. The focus is on performance and achieving results, not only activities and achievements, but above all results and effects. AIDS The application of RBM includes planning, monitoring and evaluation of development interventions supported by AIDS, as well as the organizational, culture and structure systems of AIDS cooperation partners. The contracts under this framework agreement to support AIDS partners are as follows: NCG currently cites three consortiums that lead the AIDS Framework Agreement on Results-Based Management, Human Rights and Democracy, as well as Evaluation Management. We invite experienced consultants interested in collaborating with NCG on any of these framework agreements to submit their CVs according to the email links below. One of the main donors to the diaconicia is Sida, the Swedish development cooperation agency.

As part of our agreement with AIDS, we regularly report on our results. Forum Syd is by far the largest Swedish organization to have a framework agreement with AIDS. It serves as an umbrella organization for some 200 Swedish civil stones that collaborate with development cooperation. A local civil society organization in a developing country that wants to work with AIDS should contact one of our executive organizations.

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