Simple Room Hire Agreement

The town hall assumes no responsibility for stored equipment or other goods that are brought or left on the site, and any liability in case of loss or damage is excluded. All equipment and objects, with the exception of those stored on the premises after consultation, must be removed at the end of each rental or storage period. 7 days later, the town hall may, at its discretion, by sale or by any other means, dispose of these goods under the conditions it deems reasonable and charge the tenant daily storage costs and costs incurred during the storage, sale or disposal of them. The tenant is responsible for the fact that any catering company or operator responsible for bringing equipment such as bouncy castles to the site has appropriate and appropriate insurance including professional liability insurance. The reservation assumes that you have accepted the following conditions for the rental of the lobby. (See section #21). In this case, the tenant is entitled to reimbursement of deposits or rental fees already paid, but the town hall is not responsible for any direct or indirect loss or damage resulting from this. The tenant is responsible for: - It is important to note that this document is only intended to be used if the customer acts as a consumer and reserves the venue of the event for an event or private event. Its conditions are not suitable for a business event or an event such as a trade show or conference where the client has a business (i.e.

No consumer). A special agreement has been concluded for such commercial reservations. Agreements entered into with the administrators of Harwell Village Hall ("the Village Hall") for the rental of Harwell Village Hall or any part of such agreements ("the Premises") are subject to these Rental Terms ("the Rental Terms"). Commercial tenants must offer liability insurance (£5,000,000 minimum compensation). If the tenant cancels the reservation before the date of the event and the village house cannot make a replacement reservation, the village house may, at its discretion, request additional payment of the rental fee or withhold part of the deposit and rental fee already paid. The tenant must report as soon as possible to an authorized representative of the town hall all accidents that injure the public and fill in the corresponding section of the accident log of the village hall. The tenant must ensure that appropriate medical help is sought or that an ambulance is called. As ordered by the town hall, the tenant must repair or pay for all damage (including accidental damage) to the premises or facilities, installations or contents, as well as the loss of contents. The reservation assumes that the tenant has accepted these general conditions. 3 Oct 2017 new condition added on the neighborhood to add the clause #3 obligations of tenants.

The Village Hall Reservation Administrator has the right, on behalf of the agents, to refuse any reservation for any reason, including concerns about potential noise levels and other nuisances, especially for neighbors. Against this backdrop, the lobby is unlikely to accept reservations for teenage and young paw parties.. . . .

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