Summitcare Enterprise Agreement

Stewards receive training and support from HSU officials, so that. They don`t need any special skills to become an effective leader in the workplace. All you need is someone who believes in the strength of a strong union in your workplace, who takes care of their colleagues, and who wants their jobs to improve. The consultation with delegates from the private health department is now complete and we have received a large number of responses. We will contact all those who participated in the survey starting next week. 1. Your name. 2. Your employer, the site and the classification. 3.

Your mobile number. 4. Whether or not you have experience as a delegate or activist and would like to participate in HSU delegate training. If this seems to you, please send an email with the following details: If you would like to become a delegate to the private health division but have not had the opportunity to complete the survey, you can still send us an email with your data and we will get in touch with you...

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