Unspoken Agreement

Pay attention to these unspoken agreements in your own world. How much can you identify? Can you create businesses that serve you and your customers, employees or peers? Buyers and owners have reached a special agreement. This agreement benefits both parties. You never say that. They negotiate and don`t tremble. It`s just understood. That is the tacit agreement. If I did the job he asked for, I would get free extra coaching. Failure to follow instructions did not mean coaching.

There was no contract, no agreement or even mention. It was just understood. Non-binding non-verbal chords are a kind of magic in human interaction. They do not include lawyers, contracts or regulations. A simple understanding between two parts to which each adheres. A non-verbal, informal and mutually beneficial agreement between two or more parties. The application of the convention, tradition and honour of the parties concerned. Those who draw don`t pay much effort to those who play the system.

The resources to follow them would be enormous. In addition, they are already fulfilling their main objective. Those who want free and available parking play this little game. Park at the free lot. Tell the supervisor that you are visiting a store in their mall. Visit one of the stores. So do your business in the rest of downtown. If you liked this story, please click the gossip button below. It helps others find him. Or share it on social media.

Connect us on Twitter or linkedIn. People complain about their heavy police work in their estimated parking lot. Everywhere else in the city, you have to pay a fee to park, provided you find any one. It also helps this mall attract more customers. These rules strengthen relationships. A few years ago, I made one of these agreements with someone who coached me with my writing. "It`s not you. They just make sure we are parked here for one of the shops in this center. Some park here and think they can just walk around the city. People have figured out how to play the system.

They park in the free parking lot. You visit one of the shops in this mall.

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