Accommodation & Dining

We paid special attention to ensuring that accommodation and nutrition in the Academy meet the standards set by the most respected sports organizations around the world.


During the stay at Europe Basketball Academy, all players are accommodated in Academy residence and enjoy maximum comfort.

Features listed below are included in the price of every Europe Basketball Academy program:
  • Shared rooms
  • Free WiFI
  • Shower/Bathtub
  • Room cleaning service
Accommodation example photos

Dining / Nutrition

Nutrition has a crucial role in athletes endeavours and their performance. At Europe Basketball Academy, every player may be analyzed if requested by the Player and their diet is fine tuned to meet specific requirement, if sports nutritionist recommends a specific diet for each Player. We are also able to respond to each and every demand in terms of nutrition, be it religious, cultural or lifestyle related.

Player education and guidance towards a proper diet are brought to perfection at the Academy. Theoretic lectures about sports nutrition are part of every program, where great emphasis is placed on the importance of keeping the acquired eating habits after the program has ended.

Every day at the Academy players have a adjusted sport breakfast, while for lunch and dinner meals that are adapted for sport needs.

All meals contain fresh and healthy ingredients
All meals contain fresh and healthy ingredients

Some of weekly menu options:

Bread and water are also included in every meal.

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