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We at Europe Basketball Academy believe that each and every one of our players is on their road to success. Our mission is to facilitate and help athletes maintain their pace.

Do not become satisfied with being average. One of the crucial lessons you will learn at the International Basketball Academy is never to surrender, and never to give up on your hopes and dreams. We know it is easier said than done, but we are here to provide you assistance, and we will keep pushing you forward.

We have an enthusiastic team comprised of experts deeply dedicated to our players. Our facilities correspond to the latest standards in the sports industry and we have been maintaining that position for years.

Finally, Europe Basketball Academy is a great step towards the professional basketball world as we work hard on connecting our players to some of the most prominent agents and agencies. We are proud of the overseas basketball opportunities and professional basketball tryouts we keep creating for basketball players who are looking to start a professional career, as well as helping already formed players on their path to success. Regardless of your current skill level and status we can help you develop your capabilities to the limits.

Mission Statement To provide education and services to athletes/students from all around the world, with a firm mission to help them achieve their academic and athletic goals in a short period of time.

Vision Statement Europe Basketball Academy aspires to become the globally recognized industry’s leading sports educational institution that inspires athletic and academic development, achievement, and enjoyment.

Core Values Europe Basketball Academy represents a number of nationalities and different cultures. Our shared values support and guide our operations around the world. The most important values we share are excellence, student-athletes success, determination to win, proactivity, team spirit, integrity, fair play, innovation, and technological advancement.

Excellence Maintaining a high standard of performance leading to the achievement of academic and athletic career goals.

Student-Athletes Success Meeting student-athletes’ needs by creating an educational environment in which student-athletes may obtain the required knowledge and academic results.

Determined to win Strong performance is our core value. Financial success enables the continuous development of our education programs and services. The determination to win encourages a strong work ethic and high-level performance..

Proactivity We never stop at what has been achieved. We constantly move forward demonstrating the initiative and engagement, constantly identifying and remedying any inefficiency to optimize our athletic and academic programs..

Team spirit We believe in team spirit and teamwork. Uur team consist of strong individuals who support our common goals..

Integrity Behaving ethically in all interactions at all levels..

Fair play We play by the rules and we recognize and seek to remedy our faults..

Innovation The prerequisite for development is innovation, and the prime mover for innovation is to always question the way we do things..

Technological Advancement Implementing cutting-edge technology that enhances instruction and prepares student-athletes for life-long success..

We Raise Players.

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