Academy Development Program

We can help you improve your skills! With 30 hours of an effective workout during the week, we guarantee you will develop a great routine. The program intake for the next group of players is on September 5th, 2024.

Academy Development Program

Academy Development Program

This program offers you a combination of expert basketball instructions and a lot of hours spent on the court. We do not accept average performance, and we always push players to give their best. With more than 30 hours of practice per week, we tend to find extra time for players who need special attention. The next intake for players is on September 5th, 2024.

Morning practice is a team or shooting practice where players have a chance to experience how pro players are kicking off their day. Afternoon sessions are more orientated to individual development where players can express the area of the game they would like to have more experience in. In the afternoon we are running specialist programs per basketball position, and we focus to divide players on inside and outside positions in separate groups so we can provide every athlete with maximum attention.

Program goals

The program is crafted for player improvements, their individual technique, and tactics, as well as the removal of acquired bad in-game habits. The emphasis is on individual hand, footwork, and timing to raise the basketball fundamentals and game tactics to the highest level possible.







The applied workout system is based on the world-renowned Yugoslavian basketball system that left a large trace in the history of basketball in Europe. Yugoslavian coaches and players are among the most respected in the world. In the last 30 years, the Yugoslavian system produced more than 50 NBA players, which is more than any other program outside the US. Yugoslavian coaches led their teams to win the highest level competition in European Euroleague more than 15 times. As players are provided with the best possible development opportunities, the Yugoslavian basketball school is considered as one of the highest-ranking in the world.


Europe Basketball Academy will play between 30 and 40 games during season 2024/25 to provide academy players with the experience required for playing on a professional level. Europe Basketball Academy team will participate in official games which will involve both uniformed teams, referee, scoreboard, and all games will be recorded. Players will have the possibility to get videos from the games they played during the year 2020/21. The roster for every game will be decided by the head coach and his assistants. The head coach will inform all players before the 1st official game about the criteria every player needs to fulfill to secure a place on the game roster.

Accommodation & Nutrition

Players are accommodated in shared rooms, air conditioning and WiFi. Each day, minimum of three meals is served. Meals are adapted to player's nutritional needs.

Read More in Accomodation & Dining section

Usual daily schedule

06:00 am
Wake up
06:30 am
08:00 am
Morning practice/Body development
10:00 am
School (high school players)
12:00 pm
01:00 pm
Rest time/School (high school players)
02:30 pm
Afternoon practice
05:00 pm
Recovery session
07:00 pm
08:00 pm
Free time
10:00 pm
Lights off sleeping time

Price and Duration

3 months
6670 EUR
5 months
10420 EUR
8 months
13387 EUR
Price includes:
  • Accommodation in shared rooms
  • Nutrition
  • Basketball tests
  • Basketball expert evaluation
  • Basketball workouts
  • Expert coaching instruction
  • Weight room and fitness workouts with expert instruction
  • Career consulting
  • Sports gear
  • Physio services
  • Laundry self service
Price does not include:
  • Flight cost
  • Medical insurance 60 EUR per month
  • Airport pickup 75 EUR


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