Afternoon And Evening Routine At Europe Basketball Academy

After the morning routine, we proudly present the afternoon and evening routine that guarantees player's development and progress during their time at Europe Basketball Academy.

At Europe Basketball Academy, the afternoon and evening routine is carefully designed to nurture well-rounded athletes. The schedule is a blend of rigorous training, strategic recovery sessions, balanced nutrition, and relaxation periods. It begins with an afternoon practice that emphasizes teamwork and modern European basketball trends. Following the physical exertion, the athletes participate in active and passive recovery sessions that include pool drills and jacuzzi relaxation. Dinner is then served, with a focus on protein-rich meat and carbohydrates to replenish energy and aid muscle repair. Finally, the players have free time to unwind, engage in leisure activities, and maintain a balance between their sporting commitments and personal life. This well-structured routine ensures both physical and mental development, paving the way for the athletes to reach their peak performance.

15:00 Afternoon Practice - European Basketball Team Practice

At Europe Basketball Academy, the afternoon practice primarily focuses on team and group basketball drills. These drills are designed with an emphasis on the modern trends in European basketball, fostering an up-to-date approach to the game. Players are encouraged to interact and strategize together, building cohesion and understanding among the team members. This method enhances individual skills while also strengthening the overall team performance.

17:00 Recovery Session - Active Recovery Pool Drills Combined with Jacuzzi Time

The recovery sessions are an integral part of the routine. They comprise of pool recovery active drills which help to cool down the players' body and increase muscle relaxation. This is followed by a full relaxation jacuzzi recovery session, which aids in relieving muscle tension and promoting faster recovery. It's an excellent combination of active and passive recovery techniques.

19:00 Dinner - Protein Rich Meal Combined With Carbohydrates

Dinner at the Academy is a balance of proteins and carbohydrates, in line with our sports nutrition plan. The emphasis is on a lot of meat to provide the necessary protein for muscle repair and growth. Carbohydrates are also included to replenish energy stores and prepare the players for the next day. The meals are designed to optimally fuel the body and promote recovery.

19:30 Free Time

The free time at the academy is designed for relaxation and self-development. Players often retreat to their rooms to watch movies or play video games, offering a break from the physical exertion of the day. Some choose to read books or catch up on schoolwork, keeping their minds active and engaged. This downtime is essential for mental rejuvenation and maintaining a balance between sports and personal life.

For full insight we invite you to click here and check out our afternoon and evening routine VIDEO at Europe Basketball Academy. To apply for our Academy Development Program you may visit following LINK. We have 3, 5 or 8 months programs that are starting on September 5th


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