Dallas Searles: “Trust the process, even when you think the odds aren’t in your favor.”

Interview with our player Dallas Searles that is currently playing professionally in Spain.

Where you started to play basketball and if you may explain your basketball background?
I grew up in Seattle playing basketball for the Seattle Rotary AAU program. It was arguably the best AAU program in the state, and it was a great experience to learn the game while playing with the best kids in my city.

Why did you decide to join Europe Basketball Academy?
The biggest issue I had was proving that I had what it took to play at the pro level. Because I went to school and played in Canada, not many teams in Europe know much about Canadian basketball. So I had to prove myself a lot more than someone who played at an American division I school.

How did you hear about our academy? Who recommended it to you?
I had a friend that went to the academy a year before I did. His advice was “ go and play hard, don’t expect anything, and be ready when it’s your time.” That’s exactly what I did.

Did you attend some camps and if you did can you explain the difference between those camps and Europe Basketball Academy?
The Europe Basketball Academy was the only camp I attended.

What is the difference between playing in Europe and where you played before coming to Europe?
Luckily for me, playing in Canada for three years allowed me to learn the FIBA style of play. It was an easy transition from Canada to Europe, and I also have the experience of playing in America, so the best of both worlds I would say.

How did the days look for you at Europe Basketball Academy? Describe the regular day you were going through? Describe what new you learned about European basketball in Europe Basketball Academy?
Every day was hard work. Early morning practice getting a lot of shots up. Then going to the fitness center to lift weights or stretch. Afternoon practice was normally some type of conditioning, with more shooting drills or defensive work. Every day was another day to get better. It was hard, but that’s what you sign up for.

Your advice to players that are considering joining Europe Basketball Academy? What are values that we share? What kind of player should enter academy?
My advice is to be ready to work. If you really have what it takes to play at the pro level, you will get the opportunity. But it takes time, be patient, stay in your grind, don’t get distracted. And when it’s your time, make the most of it. Go into every practice and game giving it your all.

Share some interesting situations that you experienced in the academy that you will remember and that made a strong impression on you.
Seeing a number of people that come in and out of the academy. For whatever reason, they come and go, getting signed, giving up, or whatever. Seeing all these guys made me realize that I’m not the only person that wants this. And I need to do whatever it takes to accomplish my goal. That was my daily motivation.

Where you ended up after you attended Europe Basketball Academy?
I am currently playing for Club Baloncesto Culleredo in A Coruña, Spain.

Here you may write some finishing comments what you find important to share.
Trust the process, even when you think the odds aren’t in your favor.

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