Udun Osakue: “You should not come in Europe Basketball Academy if you are not in running shape.”

Europe Basketball Academy Udun Osakue gave us an interview where he talked about the process he went through until he finally got the team and started his European pro career.

Where you started to play basketball and if you may explain your basketball background?
I started playing organized basketball since the 6th grade with AAU. I played high school basketball at Eleanor Roosevelt high school, college level at Fresno city college Juco, and San Francisco state university.

What problems to get in the European market you faced before you came to play in Europe first time?
The problems I face in the European market was no connections or did not have any help from agents. Also after taking a year off basketball to finish school made it more difficult to get picked up by a team.

Why did you decide to join Europe Basketball Academy? How did you hear about it? Who recommended it to you?
I decided to join the academy because I saw it was in Spain and also I had a Nigeria passport which the Cotonou rule applies in Spain which made my chances better. I would recommend the academy to those struggling to obtain their first career jobs and those who are serious about basketball.

Did you attend some camps in the USA and if you did can you explain the difference between those camps and Europe Basketball Academy?
I attended several USA showcases and the difference between the showcases and the academy is the academy is for a month and you are in a different country closer to the teams so it makes it easier for clubs to see you play.

What is the difference between playing in Europe and where you played before coming to Europe?
European basketball relies more on scoring off the pass and movement and less athleticism and one on one play.

How did the days look for you at Europe Basketball Academy? Describe the regular day you were going through? Describe what new you learned about European basketball in Europe Basketball Academy?
The days at Europ Basketball Academy were good and it helped me to stay in shape. We would practice in the morning and afternoon and it helped me with my shooting. I learned from the coaches an insight of what being a professional is about and what kind of level I need to be at to be successful.

Your advice to players that are considering joining Europe Basketball Academy? What are values that we share? What kind of player should enter academy?
My advice to players joining the academy is come in already in shape and your skills already ready to go. By coming in out of shape that sets you back amongst your competitors. And honestly, you should not come at all in Europe Basketball Academy if you are not in running shape. you should come in with the impression of earning the coaches respect with your play to help yourself obtain a job. Be ready to work hard and be a professional when you show up to the academy.

Where you ended up after you attended Europe Basketball Academy?
I ended up in Alfas a team in EBA division.

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